The Kingswood Tavern Gig Guide

June, 2018

Fri, 1 JunDevoted to Rock 9.30 (Bar)Free Admission
Sat, 2 JunKrankt 9.30 (in the Bar)Free Admission
Sat, 2 JunKrankt 9.30 (Bar)Free Admission
Sun, 3 JunSome Great Reward 6.30 (Bar)Free Admission
Fri, 8 JunThe Dark Horses 9.30 (Bar)Free Admission
Sat, 9 JunWorld gin day Try our range of gins/ gin cocktails (Bar)Free Admission
Sat, 9 Jun8 Ball Joe 9.30 (Bar)Free Admission
Sun, 10 JunGrand Union 6.30 (Bar)Free Admission
Tue, 12 JunOpen Mic/jam night/bring own instruments 8pm (Bar)Free Admission
Tue, 12 JunBurger night 5 - 9 pm (Bar)Free Admission
Thu, 14 JunRussia v Saudi Arabia 4pm (Bar)Free Admission
Thu, 14 JunWorld cup begins/Russia v Saudi 4pm (Bar)Free Admission
Fri, 15 JunAudio Junkies (Bar)Free Admission
Sat, 16 JunBreakfasts served 9am - 2 (Bar)Free Admission
Sat, 16 JunBlack Star Bullet (Bar)Free Admission
Sun, 17 JunThirsty Work (Bar)Free Admission
Sun, 17 JunBreakfast served 9am -2 (Bar)Free Admission
Mon, 18 JunTunisia v ENGLAND 7pm (Bar)Free Admission
Mon, 18 JunFree supper half time England game! (Bar)Free Admission
Fri, 22 JunTone Deaf and the Doors are Locked (Bar)Free Admission
Sat, 23 JunDry Rain (Bar)Free Admission
Sun, 24 JunLiquid Insanity (Bar)Free Admission
Sun, 24 JunENGLAND v Panama 1pm (Bar)Free Admission
Thu, 28 JunENGLAND v Belgium 7pm (Bar)Free Admission
Fri, 29 JunTrojans open bike meet 8pm all welcome (Bar)Free Admission
Fri, 29 JunTrojans open bike meet 8pm all welcome (Bar)Free Admission
Fri, 29 JunBruiser 9.30 (in the Bar)Free Admission
Sat, 30 JunArmed Forces Day free drink A F personnel (Bar)Free Admission
Sat, 30 JunBlack Rose Society 9.30 (Bar)Free Admission

July, 2018

Sun, 1 JulJohnnie and the Rockers 6.30 (Bar)Free Admission
Fri, 6 Jul4 Shades of Grey Feelgood/SRV/Rory etc (Bar)Free Admission
Sat, 7 JulLegend 9.30 (Bar)Free Admission
Sun, 8 JulFuse 6.30 (Bar)Free Admission
Fri, 13 JulThe 4 Rossis Quo tribute 9.30 (Bar)Free Admission
Sat, 14 JulTraxion 9.30 (Bar)Free Admission
Sun, 15 JulUncle Jim after final (Bar)Free Admission
Sun, 15 JulWorld Cup Final 4pm (Bar)Free Admission
Fri, 20 JulHells Bells AC/DC tribute 9.30 (Function)9
Sat, 21 JulZeppelin 3 Led Zeppelin tribute (Bar)Free Admission
Sun, 22 JulBoneyard (now The 4th Wall 6.30) (Bar)Free Admission
Fri, 27 JulBlack Fly (Bar)Free Admission
Sat, 28 JulThe Rooters 9.30 (Bar)Free Admission
Sun, 29 JulLiquid Insanity 6.30pm (Bar)Free Admission

August, 2018

Fri, 3 AugV8 (Bar)Free Admission
Sat, 4 AugFrantic Banjo (Bar)Free Admission
Sun, 5 AugLiv and the Royals 6 30 (Bar)Free Admission
Fri, 10 AugMelvin Hancox Band (Bar)Free Admission
Sat, 11 AugFlashback (Bar)Free Admission
Sun, 12 AugThe Firm (Bar)Free Admission
Sat, 18 AugZiggie Paul Band (Bar)Free Admission
Sun, 19 AugThe Speech 6:30pm (Bar)Free Admission
Fri, 24 AugLiquid Insanity (Bar)Free Admission
Sat, 25 AugRebellious Jukebox (Bar)Free Admission
Sun, 26 AugThe Press (Bar)Free Admission
Mon, 27 AugPhoenix 50s style rock n roll 4pm start (Bar)Free Admission
Fri, 31 AugBlack Country Community 9:30pm (Bar)Free Admission

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